Meet our crew… 
The Interview Series. 

Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing or working with John would know that he is nothing if not consistent and dedicated to all aspects of his life.

John is our longest serving employee, who started back when the first vineyard was under construction in Penna where he took a hands-on role.  With time, commitment and experience comes opportunity so when Frogmore Creek purchased the now winery from Andrew Hood, John started working on the winemaking side and began his studies.

John’s connection to the wine industry started well before Tassie; born in Blenheim, New Zealand, he grew up on a dairy farm in an area also known as the gateway to the wineries.  After finishing school, he started working with different wineries in the vineyard and working vintage before setting off looking for new experiences and opportunities in Australia, starting in Melbourne.

“Viticulture and winemaking in my hometown was, and still is, extremely competitive. With so many newcomers to the industry, I thought I would head to Melbourne and spend some time and gain experience in a different region.”

John was only in Melbourne three months before he found that the city and commuting did not suit his lifestyle, being a lover of the outdoors, open spaces and fresh air, he relocated to Tasmania, knocking on Frogmore Creek’s door at just at the right time. The lifestyle and role was a perfect fit and as fate would have it, in his very first week in Tasmania he meet Nat, his now wife, in a bookstore and they have been together ever since.

An avid mountain biker, every Wednesday evening for the past 15 years you will find John, hitting tracks around Mount Wellington with his crew of loyal riders, another testament to his long term commitment and love of routine.

John has always had an interest in photography from when he was a child. For his 21st birthday his parents gave him his first camera and from then on photography has been one of his passions. He often takes his camera along with him on his rides to shoot the landscapes, combining his love of mountain biking with his love of photography and, when he gets time, grabs some footage around the winery combining his creativity.

John is not only Frogmore Creek’s longer serving employee but often the last man standing at many of our get-togethers and has the uncanny ability to sleep standing up in a crowded bar while everyone dances around him –  (our CEO has the hilarious footage from more than one occasion).

But, in a world where divorce rates are through the roof and people change jobs with every season, there is something special about a guy that values routine, is loyal and shows up each week to meet his friends and loves his hobbies.

Its awesome having you around Johnny.